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Currently we can only offer a £20 full pre-packed bag of 9/10 seasonal vegetables. We will choose a tasty variety of staples like carrots and potatoes, cookable leafy veg, salads and herbs. If we are able will increase the variety of what we can offer at a later date.

Not every bag will be the same as we have so many tasty, interesting crops growing on the farm. The contents will vary between customers and between weeks but to keep this simple and achievable, currently it will impossible to cater for individual preference. If you need more, order more bags and we will try our best not to give you a duplicate bag.


If you would like a delivery in London please leave an enquiry including your address so we can see if making deliveries in London is possible in the future.
However for now only collecting a veg bag from a collection point is possible.
Please use this service to get started. It allows fast collections and good social distancing to be achieved compared to normal markets

As markets close we will try to provide delivery to more areas. The ordering is postcode controlled so if you can not place an order either we do not deliver to that area yet or the delivery run is full